Mongolian Talent

The idea behind this competition was to find talented Mongolians living in the Czech Republic and attract the attention of Czech society to these strong, remarkable personalities.

Finding a way to connect these two cultures helps the Mongolian minority overcome some of the difficulties of living in a foreign country.

Meet our contestants:

  • Khaliunsuren Narankhuu
    Khaliunsuren Narankhuu
    Circus is like a family. I miss mine though.
  • Borolzoibaatar family
    Borolzoibaatar family
    Bolzoibaators play in a family band. It lacks their grandmother.
  • Munkhtaivan Munkhbaatar
    Munkhtaivan Munkhbaatar
    Taekwondo fighter
    I want to be the world’s champion on behalf of the Czech republic.
  • Mungunzul Bayarkhuu
    Mungunzul Bayarkhuu
    My dream? To perform in a czech film.

The main prize was “dream come true”, in which the winner was granted what he/she most desired. The wishes included eye surgery and a visit from a relative from Mongolia.

Khaliunsuren Narankhuu first asked for flight tickets to Mongolia for her and her family, but later changed her mind and requested expert equipment in order to reach her professional dream.

Every thousandth voter received a prepaid card worth 50 USD from MoneyPolo. The announcement of the event took place on the 20th of April 2014 at the Mongolian spring celebration in KC Novodvorská.

For MoneyPolo, this contest meant a 73% growth of new customers from the Mongolian community.
Media coverage extended from, Česká televize (Czech television), travel portal Hedvábná stezka, to Show Jana Krause.