MoneyPolo 12

It all started in May 2015 when MoneyPolo announced the MoneyPolo 12 talent contest open. We received over 60 amazing applications and our panel of skilled judges selected 12 brilliant talents to represent 11 countries.

Among the contestants were composers, dancers, a sculptor, a chef, photographers, a piano player, singers, and a violin player.

Voting for winners began on the 20th of October, and ran through to the 29 th November, culminating in a spectacular winner’s ceremony with over 800 members of the public and MoneyPolo partners in attendance.

Meet our contestants:

The MoneyPolo 12 talent contest was the first MoneyPolo contest to be conducted totally online.

In total, we registered more than 40 000 votes from all over the world. Igor Ochepovsky, a 24 year-old composer from Russia, received an incredible quarter of all votes cast, making him a deserving winner of the grand prize – a substantial financial contribution from MoneyPolo delivered on the MoneyPolo VISA CARD. Igor has since used his prize for recording his music with the professional musicians.

Lasha Naveriani and Lika Schhegelia, from Georgia, were the talented winners of the second prize. They entered the MoneyPolo 12 talent contest to fulfill their dream – the opening of the Georgina Cultural Centre in Prague to spread Georgian culture in Europe. The prize-money from MoneyPolo will go a long way for Lasha and Lika.

Find out what are contestants up to today

  • Vsevolod
  • Sofia
  • Vartui
  • Vladyslav
  • Lika
  • Each participant’s story continues, for example, Vsevolod Tokmakov, a MoneyPolo 12 finalist whose virtuosity on the piano was nominated for The Pianist of Year contest in the Czech Republic.

  • Another of our talented entrants, Sophia Chaban, is only 16 years old and sings in 7 languages. She went straight from the MoneyPolo 12 contest right onto the stage to perform in one of the hottest jazz musical productions at Divadlo na Rejdišti in Prague.

  • Vartui Saribekyan, the stunning violinist from Armenia, earned herself a place in Czech National Orchestra (česky Symfonický Národní Orchestr) and went on a month-long tour from New York to Florida. In April 2016 she participated in the final concert for the Red Bull sponsored project “Can You Make It?” in Paris.

    IIn May, she will be playing with the Czech State Orchestra with Andrea Bochelli in Krakov. And in June, with the same orchestra, they will go on tour to London with Enio Morricone.

  • After the end of the MoneyPolo 12 contest, Vladyslav Tsarenko, a composer from Ukraine continued his work on his main project – Diary Of My Misanthropy. He has played several concerts in Prague to date and has taken part in the Žižkovská Noc 2016 festival of music. For the last six months he has been working on a new professionally produced track.

    By the end of May, the track will go to a sound producer, and in the summer he plans to release it officially. Plans for a music video are also in the pipeline. During the summer he plans to make a couple of short tours to neighbouring countries, including Germany and Austria.

  • Lika Gavrish, from Azerbajan, went from the MoneyPolo 12 contest to working on music video production for the American group, Tritonal. Now she is working on her own short film.